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[GT282] While Walking In The Highest Depths Of Celestial Nothingness I Suddenly Realized The Existence Of The Mortal Intraception………… Even Thought Is Material. We Are Surrounded By Energy, Every Action, Seen Or Unseen Is Attended By A Stream Of Energy. Energy Is Material. There Is A Great Energy Accumulation Centre. This Knowledge Was Given To The First People, But Then Lost. Now People Call It “God”. “God” Is The Only Beginning Of All Existence. Everything Begins With Energy………… Hold My Hand, Feel The Pulse Of My Life, Follow Me, I Am Reaching The Highest Depths Of Celestial Nothingness………… A Body. What Runs This Perfect Biological Mechanism ? Energy. It Can Be Also Called “Soul”. When Body Is Dead, “Soul”, Which Is The Sense Of Consciousness, Starts The Journey In The Energy Dimensions. It Can Give Another Birth………… After That Everything Became Inverted, I Looked At Myself From Different Side, My Prayers Became Paths Of Energetic Connections. - "music" exists

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